Phillip Tan​

Head of Client Services

Phillip Tan​

Meet Phillip Tan​

Phillip Tan is the Digital Director at GRG, he’s dynamic, empathetic, and adaptive marketing specialist – three qualities that are essential in a leader.  Previously a copywriter, Phil wanted to explore more of the advertising industry and make the jump to the media side of things, joining Global Rev Gen (GRG) in 2018. Phillip is quick to respond to challenges and adapt to changes that arise in the digital arena. He admires forward-thinking leaders. He is also passionate about seeing the growth and development of his clients. Phillip has been with GRG for 3 years and has progressed from Account Executive to Digital Director and he shows no signs of slowing down.

He has led many successful campaigns and is proud of the progress his clients have made. Under Phillip’s direction, GRG has seen the successful growth and development of many clients. He is most proud of seeing his clients in the higher education sector increase their media spending over the years and designing long lasting relationships and retainers.

Phillip is responsible for managing dynamic digital media campaigns and directing accounts, and he has a proven track record of success in doing so. He’s also responsible for the entire campaign life cycle from brief to report, and he takes great pride in making his clients happy with the final product. He’s a critical role in leading client discussions and conversations, and he’s always up for a challenge.

Having lived most of his life in Melbourne, he sought out a new adventure in Sydney and over the last 4 years, when he’s not working, he enjoys exploring cafes, photography, and watches. Phillip’s interests reflect his ability to respond quickly and effectively – two qualities that make him an excellent leader in the field of digital marketing.