About GRG

We are thought leaders in international digital media. Young enough to still learn and old enough to know better. We pride ourselves on delivering world class service to our clients.

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GRG's History

The inception and continued existence of GRG is rooted in the fundamental principle of trust. This enduring relationship serves as our cornerstone, a testament to our commitment to our partners. Our international expertise, which has been a core part of our identity since the beginning, has enabled us to provide exceptional value to our education partners for over a decade.

As an Australian-based, privately-owned entity, GRG was established by Salvador Klein, Brad Pickett, and William Bakhos.  Guiding the company’s direction is our General Manager, Jacqueline Balsamo.  The genesis of GRG dates to 2009, a time when the media buying landscape was just starting to take shape. It was then that Salvador Klein and Brad Pickett, our first two co-founders, recognized the potential of creating a performance-based agency powered by global marketing intelligence.

A few years later, William Bakhos joined the duo, further solidifying GRG’s ownership structure. Over the years, GRG has evolved into a digital media buying powerhouse with a truly global presence. With offices and staff in Sydney, Brisbane, Cebu, Belgrade, Philippines and London, we’ve cultivated a globally-minded ethos from our very inception.

Our reputation as the preferred global expert for digital media buying solutions in the higher education sector is well-earned. Our insightful international market positioning has allowed us to quickly become the go-to experts in this field.

GRG’s rise to prominence is underscored by our track record of serving as a performance media buying partner to nearly half of the universities in Australia. This achievement demonstrates our unwavering dedication to excellence, a trait that is deeply ingrained in GRG’s DNA.

Our Commitment To You

It’s essential that our clients feel comfortable every step of the way and we strive to create a mutually friendly yet professional environment.

Our Team

Collectively we have 100+ years of digital knowledge across the executive team.

Our Philosophy

There’s no such thing as a dumb question and knowledge is shared across the group. Learning is essential for growth.

How we work

We have a no nonsense approach and believe in honesty and transparency – and we ask the same from our partners.