SEO Audit and Gap Analysis Services

Boost Your SEO.

Step 1

SEO Audit - Uncover Areas of Improvement

During the SEO audit, we will meticulously analyse your website to reveal areas where it may not adhere to SEO best practices. By identifying these opportunities for improvement, we can ensure that your site is fully optimised and primed for success. Our in-depth audit will provide actionable insights to enhance your website’s performance and increase its visibility in search engine results.

Step 2

Gap Analysis - Discover Untapped Opportunities

In addition to the SEO audit, we will conduct a comprehensive gap analysis. This analysis involves comparing organic query information with paid query performance to identify gaps in your website’s current content. By leveraging this data, we can pinpoint areas where your existing content may not be ranking well for high-performing keywords or where content may be missing altogether.

Optimising Existing Content.
Creating New Content.

Based on the findings from the Gap Analysis, our team will recommend two approaches:

Approach 1

Optimising your existing content

We will suggest optimising your existing content by updating title tags, headings, meta descriptions, interlinking and other important  elements to improve its SEO performance. This involves applying TDF-IDF and NLP content analysis using advanced tools and software.

Approach 2

Create new content

If necessary, we will propose creating new content that captures untapped opportunities and strengthens your website’s authority across search engines, applying the latest SEO concepts such as Topical Authority, Semantic SEO, etc.

We will employ strategies like the Skyscraper Theory, identifying successful content in your niche and suggesting additions that will resonate with your audience. The SEO audit and gap analysis will uncover opportunities to optimise existing content for increased ranking and traffic.

Track Performance and Stay Ahead of Competitors

After implementing the recommended optimisations, we will establish benchmarks for each piece of content. By tracking performance over time and comparing results to these benchmarks, we can measure the effectiveness of our SEO strategies. We will provide bi-monthly performance reviews for new and existing content, along with a monthly overview of your overarching SEO performance.

Additionally, every 2 months, we will conduct a competitor ranking and visibility review for up to 3 competitors. This analysis will help you stay informed about your competition’s SEO efforts, allowing us to refine our strategies and keep you ahead of the curve.

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