Make data-driven decisions.

Are you getting the most out of your Google Analytics data? Is your GA4 property set up correctly and tracking the right information? At GRG, we offer comprehensive GA4 digital audit services to help you optimise your data collection and analysis. Here’s what our GA4 audit includes:

Review Property Set-Up

We will thoroughly review your GA4 property set-up to ensure it is correctly configured in your Google Analytics account. This includes verifying that the GA4 tracking code is properly installed on all pages of your website and that data streams are correctly configured for different platforms (web, iOS, Android).

Data Collection Verification

Using real-time reports and tools like Google Tag Assistant, we will verify that data is being collected accurately. We’ll ensure that the GA4 tag fires correctly on all pages and events, guaranteeing reliable data collection.

Conversion Tracking

Our audit will confirm that all desired conversions are set up and tracking properly. We’ll work closely with you to align conversion events with your critical actions on the site or app, ensuring accurate conversion tracking.

GRG Digital Audit: GA4 (Google Analytics)

Event Tracking

We will check that all custom events are set up according to your requirements. Our team will verify that event parameters and user properties are correctly configured, providing you with valuable insights into user behavior.

Audience Definitions

Reviewing audience definitions, we will ensure they are correctly set up for targeted marketing efforts. Our audit will confirm that audiences are populating as expected, enabling you to effectively tailor your marketing strategies.

Configuration Settings

We’ll thoroughly review your GA4 configuration settings, including timezone, currency, data retention settings, and user permissions. Additionally, we will review data filters to ensure correct data views, providing you with accurate and relevant data.

Cross-Domain Tracking

If applicable, we will ensure that cross-domain tracking is set up and working correctly, allowing you to track user journeys across different domains seamlessly.

E-commerce Tracking

For e-commerce platforms, we will verify that Enhanced E-commerce tracking is correctly implemented, enabling you to gain valuable insights into your online store’s performance.


Our audit will verify that GA4 is correctly integrated with other tools such as Google Ads, Search Console, and third-party applications if used. This ensures seamless data sharing and comprehensive analysis.

Ready to unlock the true potential of GA4?

At GRG, our goal is to help you determine if key conversions and user interactions are accurately determined and tracked. With our GA4 digital audit services, you can optimise your data collection, gain valuable insights, and make data-driven decisions.

Contact us today to schedule your GA4 audit and unlock the true potential of your Google Analytics data.