These terms and conditions relate to the Activities and Services provided by Global RevGen Pty Ltd
ABN 84 143 287 512 (Agency) and the client named on the Order (Client).
The Agreement is formed upon acceptance of an Order whether that be in writing, verbally or by
conduct. In engaging the Agency for the Activities and/or Services the Client agrees that the
relationship is subject to these terms and conditions effective from the date on the Order.
1. Definitions
Activities means such marketing actions, acquisitions, applications, campaigns or other form of
payable events.
Advertising Material means any creative expression in writing, design, layout, video or graphic form
including but not limited to advertising banners, display creatives, text advertisements and artworks.
Agreement means these terms and conditions, the Order and payment schedules.
Business Day a day that is not a weekend or a public holiday in New South Wales.
Force Majeure Event includes without limitation, fire, flood, water, the elements, acts of God, acts
of war, civil disturbances, acts of terrorism, insurrection, riots, rebellion or sabotage, acts of federal,
state, local or foreign governmental authorities, cyberattacks, virus or malware disturbances,
pandemics, acts or omissions of third parties, failures or fluctuations in electrical power or
telecommunications services, labour disputes, lockouts, strikes or other industrial action, whether
direct or indirect and whether lawful or unlawful.
GST Law means the A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999 (Cth).
Order means the insertion order or media plan proposal provided by the Agency to the Client.
Services means media consulting services.
2. Payment
2.1. The fees for the Activities and Services will be set out in an Order.
2.2. Unless otherwise agreed in the Order:
a. the Agency will usually invoice the Client prior to the commencement of the Activities
and/or Services;
b. payment of the invoice is due within 30 days of the date of the invoice.
2.3. Any invoices which are outstanding of the due date shall accrue interest at the rate of the
current Commonwealth Bank of Australia standard overdraft rate (percentage per annum),
calculated from the date the payment is due.
2.4. If the Client finds an error in the invoice, it shall promptly inform the Agency and promptly
pay any undisputed portion of the invoice. The parties will otherwise cooperate in good
faith to promptly resolve any disputed invoiced amounts.
2.5. The Agency’s failure to invoice the Client shall not constitute the waiver of any amounts due
to the Agency by the Client.
3. GST
3.1. Words and expressions which are not defined in the Order or these terms and conditions
have the same meaning as in the GST Law.