Programmatic and Display Advertising

Through our automated technology, we streamline the process of determining the most efficient and impactful ad impressions to procure, as well as the optimal bidding amount.

This is achieved by considering a range of factors across various devices.

At GRG, we lead the way in programmatic and display advertising, utilising data to craft unique and distinct customer segments tailored to your primary target audience.

Our advanced programmatic platform utilises real-time first-party and verified third-party data to pinpoint the perfect online audience for your marketing initiatives.

We secure digital ad space through auctions, acquire individual impressions, and foster direct partnerships with publishers who possess the ideal audience for your brand. Our approach engages consumers based on their interests, drawing insights from their shopping and browsing histories, among other factors.

Regardless of the device – whether mobile, tablet, or desktop – we craft campaigns to engage consumers at the right moment and location. In the bustling centre of Sydney, a dedicated team of digital experts is ready to help you achieve your objectives. Our skilled data analysts, media professionals, creative geniuses, and operational specialists leverage extensive experience and real-time data to ensure that success is just a click away.

This is how GRG excels at identifying and reaching your audience, anytime and anywhere.

Engage with your audience through Programmatic Advertising

With more than 7.7 billion people in the world consuming media 24/7 across tablets, phones, computers and TVs, the advertising possibilities are endless. You need the right technology, but even better people, to target, segment and reach your audience so your message isn’t lost in a crowd.

Today we live in a very complex screen world. Let’s say we know your prospective buying audience is of a certain age and gender and has areas of interest. GRG’s programmatic display strategies ensure your ads are served to people within those targeting criteria and break down the campaign data into each targeting parameter, or even combinations of them, to identify performing and non-performing segments within the overall audience.

We can use that data to optimise the campaigns, identifying which audience segments respond to specific display content, platforms, or websites.

Programmatic makes it easier for you to keep up with today’s consumers and reach them with the right message at the right time on any of their devices.

GRG is here to help you jump into the world of programmatic buying and help you reach that audience.

We also use our in-house specialists, or team up with your web developers, to implement custom tracking solutions that ensure you can analyse the on-site behaviour of the traffic to further refine the programmatic campaigns.

Programmatic advertising allows you to be nimble with your advertising strategy.

We have experts that help track every consumer interaction with your ads and all the data is available instantly letting us, adjust campaigns in real time.

GRG Programmatic and Display Advertising

GRG SEM experts’ team are dedicated to addressing and resolving your digital marketing challenges. With a strong emphasis on data-driven insights, we continuously strive to comprehend the effectiveness of your strategies and provide informed recommendations from an educational standpoint.

Keyword Research and Analysis

To maximise the impact of your search engine marketing (SEM) efforts, we do thorough research and analysis tailored to your brand and the products or services you offer.

We also conduct an in-depth exploration of your consumer base to ensure that your marketing initiatives are enriched with relevant keywords, aligning with the search queries potential customers use to discover your brand online.

From here, our SEM approach focuses on maximizing ad performance through various strategies such as utilizing AI and machine learning to maximize conversions through automated bidding models, A/B testing, retargeting campaigns, and more.

This integrated approach ensures that every aspect of our SEM advertising works cohesively to engage our target audience effectively.

Google Ads Campaigns

Google Ads is popular with lots of businesses worldwide. People are much more likely to click on Google ads compared to other ads. Using Google Ads in your digital marketing can get you quick results, giving you instant satisfaction.

Bing Ads Campaigns

Bing Ads (or Microsoft Advertising) offers a cost-effective alternative to Google Ads by targeting a unique and diverse audience with lower competition and potentially lower costs. Integrating Bing Ads alongside Google Ads ensures broader market coverage and maximizes advertising efficiency and reach.

Google Merchant Centre and Google Shopping

GRG is positioned to facilitate the sale of your products through the influential platform of Google. Our services encompass support for Google Merchant Centre, providing a comprehensive platform for managing your eCommerce products on Google. We assist in navigating the intricate setup and management of the platform, including the uploading of product information such as pricing, descriptions, and images, allowing you to reap the benefits of an optimised Google listing effortlessly.

Get your business in front of more people with GRG SEM specialists. We keep the clicks up and costs down.

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