Out Of Home Advertising (Billboards, Signage)

Dominate the Market with GRG's Out of Home Advertising (OOH).

At GRG, we understand the power of outdoor advertising, or out-of-home (OOH) to connect with people in their everyday environments. OOH advertising offers excellent recall and visibility. When paired with creative excellence, it has the potential to captivate audiences and make a lasting impression.

The Power of OOH Advertising

Outdoor advertising (OHH) is one of the fastest growing and most engaging mediums available today. With an array of sites, sizes, and locations, we excel in guiding your businesses to select the most effective outdoor campaigns to amplify your message further.

GRG’s outdoor media buying service covers various outdoor formats, including roadside billboards, transit, airports, shopping centres (in-mall) street furniture, railway stations and more. Our team will collaborate closely with you to identify the best network and offer tailored solutions that align with their objectives and budget.

Everywhere You Look

Out-of-home advertising surrounds us daily, delivering huge audience attention. It provides brands with a creative platform to stand out and make an impact. When combined with other media channels, it generates a compelling multiplier effect, driving both awareness and return on investment.

GRG Traditional Media Buying

Diverse Outdoor Formats

Roadside & Transit

Retail & Lifestyle

Large Format and Posters

Large format advertising commands attention due to its scale and impact. It offers broad reach and instant brand elevation, making a lasting impression on viewers.


In-mall advertising presents the opportunity to target customers within proximity of different retailers, effectively driving foot traffic with the main objective of driving customers to the specific retailer where you are selling your product.

We specialise in delivering impactful OOH campaigns that resonate with audiences and drive real results. Let’s work together to elevate your brand through the power of out-of-home advertising.

Why Use Outdoor Advertising (OOH)

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