Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Optimise your GTM.

Are you making the most out of your Google Tag Manager (GTM) account? At GRG, we offer comprehensive digital audit services to ensure that your GTM setup is optimised for success.

Our team of experts will review each aspect of your GTM account to identify any issues, errors, or areas for improvement. Here’s what our services include:

Account Structure Review

We’ll meticulously examine the overall structure of your GTM account. Our focus will be on assessing the organisation of tags, triggers, and variables. A clear and efficient account structure is essential for seamless tracking and data management.

Verify Container Installation

Confused about whether the GTM container code is properly installed on all pages of your website? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our team will utilise tools like Google Tag Assistant to confirm the correct implementation of the GTM container code throughout your site.

Check Tag Configuration

Every tag plays a crucial role in tracking specific events on your website. We will conduct a thorough audit of all tags to ensure that they are firing correctly and meeting your tracking requirements. Our experts will review settings, tracking IDs, and tag types to identify any errors or discrepancies.

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Evaluate Triggers

Accurate trigger setup is vital for capturing the right events and pageviews. We will examine your triggers to ensure they are correctly configured and free from any potential conflicts. Our goal is to optimise trigger conditions and eliminate overlaps for precise event tracking.

Inspect Variables

Variables form the backbone of your GTM setup, providing essential data for tags and triggers. Our team will validate that all variables are set up correctly and are pulling in the right information. This includes both built-in and user-defined variables.

Data Layer Review

If your website utilises a data layer, we will review its completeness and accuracy. Our experts will ensure that the data layer is structured correctly and that GTM tags interact with it as expected. This step is crucial for accurate and reliable data tracking.

Consistency Across Environments

Do you have multiple environments, such as production and staging? We will conduct a meticulous review to ensure that your GTM setup remains consistent across all environments. Consistency is key to avoid discrepancies and maintain smooth tracking.

User Permissions Review

Protecting your GTM account from unauthorised access is vital. Our team will review user access levels to ensure that only authorised individuals have appropriate access to your GTM account. This step enhances security and prevents any potential misuse.

Audit Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is essential for measuring the success of your online campaigns. We will audit your conversion tags to ensure they are set up correctly and accurately tracking the desired interactions. Our focus is on maximising the effectiveness of your conversion tracking efforts.

Linking with Google Analytics

GTM and Google Analytics go hand in hand. We will ensure that your GTM setup is correctly linked to Google Analytics, enabling accurate data integration between the two platforms. This step guarantees seamless data flow for robust analytics and reporting.

Error Checking and Debugging

Nobody likes encountering errors in real-time. Our team will utilse the powerful GTM debug mode to simulate the firing of tags and thoroughly check for any errors. This proactive approach ensures that your GTM setup is error-free and ready to deliver reliable data.

Are you ready to optimise your GTM?

Enlist GRG’s digital audit services for your GTM account today, and unlock the full potential of your tracking capabilities.

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