Google Ads Display Network

Elevate your campaigns.

Are you getting the most out of your digital advertising campaigns on Google and Bing?

If you want to ensure that your campaigns are aligned with your business objectives and set up for success, GRG’s new Google and Bing Search Digital Audit Service is here to help.

Our objective is to optimise your campaigns and maximise their effectiveness. Here are some key areas we focus on:

Campaign Objective and Account Structure

Campaign Objective and Account Structure play a crucial role in determining if the key conversions and user interactions are determined and tracked.

With our expert assistance, we ensure that your campaign objectives are fully aligned with your business goals. Our team will work closely with you to understand your specific targets and design a campaign structure that optimises performance.

We align your campaign with your business goals and optimise performance through a logical structure and naming convention for campaign set up.

Target Audience

We help you reach the right audience by understanding their demographics, interests, behaviours, and geographic settings. We then match campaign settings to reach your intended audience.

Identifying Underperforming or Overlapping Audiences

Our team of experts analyse campaign data to identify underperforming or overlapping audiences and optimise audience targeting for maximum campaign performance.

Bid Strategy and Budgets

Are you struggling to get the most out of your budget? At GRG’s Digital Audit, our team of experts will assist in choosing the appropriate bid strategy for optimal results and ensure budget allocation is sufficient and efficiently spent.

Ad Scheduling

Our team will work diligently to set up optimised ad schedules based on your brand’s target audience and their peak active timings to maximise ad visibility during the most relevant times.

Placement and Ad Format

We also offer expert guidance on accurate placement targeting to  reach the desired audience and selecting the appropriate ad formats for maximum engagement.

Compliance and Policies

Are you worried about compliance issues or not having enough visibility into campaign performance? We ensure that your ads comply with platform advertising policies and guidelines by checking for disapproved ads or flagged content.

Custom Audience

We leverage custom audiences for enhanced targeting capabilities and reaching the right audience segments for increased campaign effectiveness.

Analytics and Tracking

We Integrate seamless analytics and conversion tracking to gain  visibility into essential data for campaign  optimisation.


We offer expertise in remarketing, ad messaging, landing page optimisation, and attribution modelling to further enhance your campaign results. We set up efficient remarketing campaigns and audiences to retarget users who have previously shown interest.

Frequency and Viewability

We implement appropriate frequency capping to prevent over-exposure and set viewability targeting to ensure ads are visible to the intended audience.

Ad Messaging and Landing Page

We review ad messaging for clarity, relevance, and high resolution and ensure landing page alignment with creative and user journey flow.

Attribution Modelling

We select the right attribution model for each campaign and optimise conversion tracking and performance evaluation.

Pay Per Conversion Bidding Model

Looking to enhance your bidding strategy and achieve better ROI? GRG’s Digital Audit – Google Ad Display Network can help you leverage the Pay Per Conversion bidding model. If your account is eligible, we can help you utilise this model to improve cost-effectiveness and achieve better ROI through performance-based bidding.

Ready to boost your revenue?

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