Nara Suquib

Senior Campaign Manager

Nara Suquib

Meet Nara Suquib

Nara is a Senior Campaign Manager at GRG and boasts a rich history with the company. Her journey commenced over a decade ago in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. Initially, she served as a Technical Support Representative and Team Leader for a span of two years.

In 2016, Nara decided to venture onto a new path, accepting the role of a Reporting and Analytics Executive at GRG. Her impressive performance over the next three years earned her a promotion to a Senior position within the same department.

Nara’s exceptional aptitude for embracing new opportunities and seamlessly integrating with various teams has been instrumental in honing her expertise in data management and technology. Coupled with her meticulous attention to detail and proficient problem-solving abilities, she has successfully enhanced several processes and protocols within GRG.

Having dedicated over half a decade to GRG, Nara’s innovative and synergistic approach has resulted in significant improvements in our data management strategies. Her ingenuity has led to the development of inventive methods for tracking and interpreting data, thus elevating the performance of our campaigns. Always on the lookout for fresh strategies to optimize workflow processes, Nara is committed to ensuring optimum results for our clients.

Away from the professional sphere, Nara loves to travel and discover new places. She also takes pleasure in engaging in DIY projects at home.