Melanie Fleming

Account Manager

Melaine Fleming

Meet Melanie Fleming

Melanie Fleming is an exceptional Account manager at GRG. Her motivation, focus, and people-friendly personality have made her a valuable addition to our team since joining as an Account executive in 2021. With her dedication and outstanding skills, Melanie quickly became an integral part of our organisation.

Before joining GRG, Melanie worked as a digital producer in the film and television industry. Her experience leading television network dramas and feature films has honed her people and organisational skills. She excels in fast-paced and detail-oriented environments, which gives her a deep understanding of what it takes to achieve remarkable results.

In her current role at GRG, Melanie collaborates closely with the Head of Growth & Strategy, Account Directors, and the Ad Operations team. By leveraging data-driven insights and optimizations, she ensures that our client’s campaigns are aligned with their strategic and execution requirements. Melanie’s commitment to achieving optimal outcomes for our clients is truly commendable.

Outside of work, Melanie enjoys ocean swimming and is currently training for her first marathon as part of her fitness routine. She also has a passion for fashion and likes to unwind after a productive week with a glass of sparkling wine.