John Watts

Account Manager

Meet John Watts

Meet John Watts, Account Manager at GRG. Born and raised in the picturesque town of Torquay, Devonshire, England. John is a digital marketing virtuoso who consistently transforms fledgling campaigns into high-performing giants.

His career journey spans a wide spectrum of roles and industries. His first role was as a marketing coordinator for his parents’ debt management and financial services company, where he successfully ran direct marketing campaigns to attract new customers and generate referrals. From nurturing accounts for local businesses to spearheading large-scale marketing projects for Fortune 500 companies, John’s expertise is as diverse as it is impressive.

John’s first agency role was at Clicked Marketing Agency, where he spent four years as a Digital Marketing Executive. There, he managed day-to-day digital marketing campaigns for multiple service-based and e-commerce clients, while also spearheading internal lead generation. In 2019, John moved to Australia and briefly worked at Solargain, running digital lead generation campaigns.

However, his passion for impacting more businesses led him back to the digital agency industry.

Transitioning to client-facing roles, John became the main point of contact for clients at JR Marketing Group and Gorilla 360 Digital Marketing Agency, managing end-to-end delivery of marketing campaigns. As an Account Manager at Gorilla 360, John’s dedication and responsiveness earned him high client feedback ratings and doubled client retention rates.

Clients laud John as personable, proactive, diligent, and a trusted advisor. His unwavering commitment to excellence, meticulous attention to detail, and low-maintenance approach are some of his strongest professional assets.

John holds a B.A. (Hons) in Business Administration from the University of Plymouth, England and is certified by Google Ads and Meta Blueprint. He also holds Digital Marketer Certifications in Digital Marketing Strategy, Customer Acquisition, and Conversion Value Optimization. When not working, John is an ardent supporter of Aston Villa FC, plays for his local futsal team, and enjoys playing the piano. A lifelong learner, he continually seeks personal growth through reading, attending courses, and expanding his knowledge across various domains.