Charles Lerasan

Reporting & Analytics Junior Executive

Charles Lerasan

Meet Charles Lerasan

Charles Lerasan is a highly adept and results-oriented professional with a rich career spanning over 11 years in the IT industry. His journey has been marked by a series of progressive roles, each one highlighting his versatility, dedication, and knack for excellence.

Charles began his career as a Technical Support Representative, where he honed his problem-solving skills and developed a deep understanding of customer service. He then transitioned into a Software Developer role, which allowed him to apply his technical prowess and creativity in crafting innovative software solutions. His exceptional leadership skills propelled him to the role of Project Manager, where he expertly steered teams towards successful project completions.

Recently, Charles has taken on a new challenge as the Reporting and Analytics Junior Executive at GRG. In this role, he has demonstrated remarkable acumen in analysing data trends and generating insightful reports that drive strategic decision-making. His work in this capacity has not only reinforced his reputation as an asset but has also led to his recent promotion to the position of Reporting & Analytics Executive.

Outside of his professional life, Charles harbours a keen interest in tarot cards and mysticism. He often spends his free time reading about these topics and practising energy healing techniques. His pursuit of these interests further showcases his curiosity and desire to continually learn and grow.

Today, Charles continues to excel in his new role as Reporting & Analytics Executive, bringing to the table his vast experience, technical skills, and unwavering commitment to delivering value. His journey serves as an inspiring testament to his professional growth and relentless pursuit of excellence.