Antoine Lesieur

Director of Accounts & Strategy

Antoine Lesieur

Meet Antoine Lesieur

Antoine Lesieur is the Director of Accounts and Strategy at Global Rev Gen (GRG). He is a marketing professional with 12 years of experience in the industry, has been with the company for five years and is passionate about delivering analytical and thorough proposals and strategies for all clients.

Antoine has established and maintained standard operating procedures and best practices for account management and campaign delivery and leading the onboarding process for key accounts. He holds an MBA from the University of New Brunswick in Canada and was awarded the Dean’s List upon graduation.

Before joining GRG, Antoine worked as a project manager for a market research panel and data collection company. His experience in this field has proved to be invaluable in his current role, where he is responsible for ensuring the success of all client campaigns. He strongly advocates data-driven decision-making and believes every campaign should be rigorously tested and optimised to ensure the best possible results. He is constantly looking for ways to improve GRG’s processes and deliverables to provide all clients with the highest level of service.

He has a strong background in digital marketing and has obtained several certifications in this area, including the LinkedIn Marketing Strategy and Fundamentals, Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional. Antoine is also a qualified workplace coach and uses his skills to help others achieve their peak performance.

Antoine is a highly experienced business development professional with a proven track record in developing long-term relationships with our Tier 1 clients. He is known for his ability to build trust and establish common goals, which has resulted in many successful partnerships over the years. Some of Antoine’s most significant achievements include successfully pitching for a 2-year contract with a new client with a significantly larger ad spend, and seeing the contract being extended beyond that. Antoine is always willing to go the extra mile to help others reach their goals.

Antoine’s professional strengths lie in his ability to establish trust with clients and colleagues alike. This is due to his expertise and accountability. He has a proven track record of delivering outstanding results. If you are looking for someone who can help you develop strong, long-lasting relationships with influential clients or partners, Antoine is the ideal person for the job.

He enjoys sprinting around a tennis court, travelling and exploring new places, and putting his great culinary skills to good use in his free time.