Programmatic Display Advertising

Engage with your audience through Programmatic Advertising

With more than 7.7 billion people in the world consuming media 24/7 across tablets, phones, computers and TVs, the advertising possibilities are endless. You need the right technology, but even better people, to target, segment and reach your audience so your message isn’t lost in a crowd.

Today we live in a very complex screen world. Let’s say we know your prospective buying audience is of a certain age and gender and has particular areas of interests. GRG’s programmatic display strategies ensure your ads are served to people within those targeting criteria and break down the campaign data into each targeting parameter, or even combinations of them, to identify performing and non-performing segments within the overall audience.

We can use that data to optimize the campaigns, identifying which audience segments respond to specific display content, platform, or website.

Programmatic makes it easier for you to keep up with today’s consumers and reach them with the right message at the right time on any of their devices.

GRG is here to help you jump into the world of programmatic buying and help you reach that audience.

We also use our in-house specialists, or team up with your web developers, to implement custom tracking solutions that ensure you can analyse the on-site behaviour of the traffic to further refine the programmatic campaigns

Programmatic advertising allows you to be nimble with your advertising strategy.

We have the experts that help track every consumer interaction with your ads and all the data is available instantly letting us, make adjustments to campaigns in real-time.