Influencer Marketing

Why use Digital Influencer Marketing?

Influencers are the new powerhouses of social media marketing, combining celebrity endorsements, digital PR and word-of-mouth. They work hard to create a highly engaged audience, built on credibility and trust, so teaming with the right influencer allows brands to amplify their message, product, or service to a targeted and captive audience. It can unlock expansive organic reach, stronger brand engagement and deeper connectedness with their own audiences.

Our experienced Account Directors can help you develop the right Influencer marketing strategy: Matching your brand to leading KOLs with relevant audience profiles, running influencer campaigns at scale and building optimal digital strategies to support and take full advantage of the influencer activity.

Instagram is one of the leading social media networks for digital influencers: 60% of users saying they learn about a product or service on the platform. The visual-based platform boasts high user-engagement: 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest and 84 times higher than Twitter.

Facebook, as one of the oldest and biggest social media platforms, is a great way for brands to reach a wide target market. Influencers on Facebook are not just famous people and celebrities, they can also be influential pages and/or groups. Facebook is a great platform for viral content including popular videos, memes, and other relatable content.

YouTube is a leader in long-form video content. The nature of the platform provides the perfect environment for influencers to create deep connections with their viewers: YouTube is key to reaching young audiences with 70% of teenage subscribers trusting influencer opinions over traditional celebrities and 4 in 10 millennials saying their favourite YouTube creators understand them better than their friends.

Bloggers are powerful storytellers. They build their followers by creating content that speaks to their loyal audience. Engaging bloggers is a great way for brands to have their brand story told through compelling, long-form content, allowing more content and information: Like YouTube, bloggers can explore the brand’s product or service in more detail than an Instagram post or 10 second Snapchat clip.

Having a strong influencer strategy is crucial. It’s about understanding the brand’s needs, so that we can build a strategy that truly aligns with your vision and deliver measurable results.

Our team of GRG specialists develop, activate, and manage tailored influencer marketing campaigns based on your brand’s unique goals, from strategy development to influencer management and post-campaign analysis.

Real-time performance tracking is available on our data-driven dashboard and our specialists can provide timely analytical reports and recommendations for your campaign.

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