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Embracing Innovation and Evolution: GRG Unveils Dynamic Leadership Appointments and Bold Vision as it celebrates its 15-Year Journey!

5 March 2024
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As GRG marks its 15th year of ground-breaking success, we invite you to join us in celebrating a legacy of Innovation and Evolution. At the helm of our dynamic leadership team, Jacqueline Balsamo assumes the role of CEO, steering our focus towards innovation and technology-driven services. Simultaneously, Bosco Anthony steps into the role of Chief Brand Officer, unveiling a new world first AI product designed to revolutionise intelligent marketing. Meanwhile, Philip Tan advances to Head of Client Services, solidifying our commitment to exceptional client relationships.

Our strategic expansion into sectors such as travel, finance, and retail, alongside our continued dedication to Higher Education, reflects our unwavering commitment to growth and adaptation. This positions us as a trusted media agency, reaffirming our dedication to excellence and innovation. GRG stands out as a frontrunner in partnerships, offering comprehensive services spanning Strategy and Planning, Digital Audits, Media Buying, Traditional Media, Creative, Public Relations, and Reporting & Analytics.

GRG’s diverse portfolio of services aligns with the current market trends and demands, enabling us to provide impeccable professionalism and support to our clientele. This expansion also underscores our agility and capability to serve a wide range of industries and clients effectively.

With a core emphasis on tech-centric marketing solutions and AI, we stand at the forefront of delivering comprehensive services across various areas. Our recent alliances with tech-driven businesses further amplify our ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

At the heart of all our endeavours lies a people-centric approach, fostering a culture of growth and innovation within our team. This ethos ensures that we continue to push boundaries and drive change within the industry, setting new standards for excellence and client satisfaction.

Join us in celebrating this significant milestone as we look ahead to an exciting future filled with unparalleled innovation and opportunity. Our heartfelt thank you for being part of our journey.