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If you need advice on how to set up Google Analytics, looking for analytics optimisation, or are looking for alternative platforms, we’ve got analytics consulting experts to help you.

Data and Analytics allow brands to understand how audiences experience their content across different online platforms and how their onsite behaviour varies across them. Data is the oxygen that a business needs to function; it’s essential to understand your consumer’s behaviour, especially when running a new website.  Knowing where your visitors come from – and what draws them to you – is crucial for growth. The more you know about your visitors’ interactions with your site, the better you can match their intent to earn more and longer site visits.

The benefits of using Google Analytics:

The benefits of using Google Analytics:

  • Sessions record how and when a user interacts with your website within a certain period.
  • You can use sessions to track important web metrics like page views, transactions, and traffic sources.
  • The ability to integrate with Google Ads for more accurate conversion tracking, or with third party tools, such as CRMs and offline tracking tools.

Google Analytics remains a popular tool that you need in your belt because it’s both free and incredibly detailed, with plenty of capability to track important web metrics. This means that all your digital efforts can be justified and tied back to tangible results.

GRG can help you configure your Google Analytics from scratch, making sure the set-up matches both the structure of the business and what data-access is required by each section of the business.

We can also assist with existing Google Analytics accounts that that require anything from a simple clean-up to a complete overhaul.

Alongside this, GRG can assist in setting up Google Tag Manager, with or without Analytics setup, as well as custom dashboarding that brings all your online sales and marketing performance data to the fore – helping you make the tough decisions with complete confidence.

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