Melaine Fleming

Account Executive

Melaine Fleming

Motivated, focused and people-friendly, Melanie joined GRG towards the end of 2021 as an Account Executive.

Having worked as a post-production producer in the film and television industry for several years, on shows like McLeods Daughters, Underbelly, Sea Patrol, as well as with Film – Australia, Melanie has excellent people and organisational skills, as well as self-motivation and a go-get-attitude.

In her role at GRG she works closely with Account Directors and the Ad Operations team to ensure the best results are delivered for our clients, through data-driven insights and optimisations, and ensuring the implementation of the client’s strategic and execution requirements for their campaigns.

Melanie is a mother of three kids, and in her spare time, she enjoys swimming in the ocean near her Northern Beaches home, which she shares with her husband, and running to keep fit. She also has a love of fashion and winding down at sunset with a cocktail in hand.