Cherry Barrault

Director of Growth

Cherry Barrault

Director of Growth, Cherry Barrault, has built a successful reputation managing flourishing international media platforms. Cherry has over 10 years of experience in international marketing before joining Global Rev Gen (GRG).  Cherry is currently living and working in Paris. She’s achieved a vast network and adaptable individual who is efficient in her work. She has a wealth of experience in managing client accounts providing start-to-end management of digital marketing campaigns. Her main responsibilities include client account directing, planning, administration, reporting, optimisation, and commercialisation.

Cherry also works with the Head of Growth & Strategy to create and monetize new potential products and services for GRG. In her role, Cherry is focused on delivering key differences to clients that will add value to their relationships with GRG. She is committed to walking in her client’s shoes to understand their needs and wants, both short and long-term. Whether it is partners, clients, or relationship stakeholders, she adopts a conscious understanding of what they are trying to achieve short and long-term to align herself and communicate within that alignment. Consequently, she can provide the insights and solutions that lead to successful outcomes.

When asked about her most significant achievements, Cherry cites her ability to truly grasp international media platforms and, even more importantly, to understand the digital behaviours and trends of consumers from around the world. She explains that people consume media differently in various parts of the world and that it’s essential to acknowledge and celebrate these differences. Buying power, motivations, and consumer journeys vary from place to place which she considers in her work every day. Her extensive digital media expertise has delivered some outstanding results for our clients in a wide range of industries. Cherry has a bachelor’s degree in science and communication from UNSW which equips her with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in her role at GRG.

A social butterfly at heart, Cherry can often be found travelling somewhere we have never heard of and sampling any and every cuisine.