Education Services

We understand the Tertiary Education ECO system.

GRG has a deep understanding of the internal and external challenges you face.

We know how to help you navigate the complex relationships within your legacy systems, while supporting recruitment in new and emerging markets.

1. Our experience in higher education marketing will help you find relevant and innovative digital media opportunities across the globe.

2. We know the channels that education audiences engage with and how to effectively target the key segments in each of them – from UG, PG and mature age students, to influencers and agents

3. We understand the role of different players within the landscape, and the complex challenges inherent to international student recruitment. Be it localisation, navigating new media channels or managing risk countries, we will guide you through the maze.

4. We fully grasp the structure of the education industry, and the importance of how the moving parts inter-connect differently from project-to-project.